Duel Soccer Game Rules

  • Matches played apart from the tournament start—end dates are not included in the ranking table.

  • Accounts created over the same IP address or previously logged in (detected by the system) cannot win prizes when they enter the game and play, even if they log in later on a different IP. However, their accounts are not blocked, they can enter the game and play for fun.

  • Accounts that try to gain an unfair advantage (including those who create multiple accounts and play for rankings) or that attempt bugs/cheats in the game will be blocked. Then, the accounts created over the IP addresses used by those accounts are also blocked. These accounts cannot win any rewards.

  • Users who exit the game before the end of the game (refreshing the page with F5, turning off the internet connection, closing the browser, etc.) will be blocked if they repeat this situation repeatedly.

  • All records (including log records, match records, bug/cheat attempts, multiple accounts, and unfair earnings) are checked during the 2-day period after the tournament is over. The award ranking is created after these records are checked.

  • Award ranking: The matches played between the start-end dates of the tournament are automatically controlled and created accordingly. Therefore, there may be a difference in points between the instant ranking and the prize ranking during the tournament.

  • (Extra points may be added to users or no points may be added due to reasons such as users leaving the game before the end of the game, instant connection problems, etc. For this reason, there may be errors in the scores in the instant ranking. After all the checks are made, the prize ranking is re-created and announced on the Duel Network Medium page.)

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