Game Mechanics


To play Duel Soccer, you need to purchase NFT from The game is played in 90 seconds. If any of the users outclass each other within 90 seconds, they will be deemed to have won. The winning user will win the prizes determined by the Duel Network. In the game, you can go to platforms that are not in normal football games, and you can get the chance to score goals more easily against your opponent.

Thanks to different maps and platforms, you can experience a different football experience in a wide concept. You may also encounter various surprise obstacles that offer different difficulty levels within the maps.

There are also 8 powerups in the game that appear at a random time. These features can help you win the game. So when these features appear in the game, try to get them.

Ball; Increases your shooting power (Duration: 5 seconds) Glove; saves a shot on goal (Duration: 10 seconds) Shoe; increases your speed (Duration: 5 seconds) Referee; The goal is scored against the opponent when the opponent scores (Duration: 10 seconds) Duration; Adds 10 seconds to the remaining game time. Flag; When you concede a goal, it is not counted as a goal, it is offside (Duration: 10 seconds) Yellow card; Stops the opponent for 3 seconds. Red card; Stops the opponent for 5 seconds.

Game controls;

A or LeftArrow; Character moves left D or RightArrow;

The character moves right W or Uparrow;

The character jumps to Space;

The character shoots S or DownArrow;

When pressed together with the shot button (Space), it accelerates the ball upwards and shoots. G; Raises the ball (helps to get the ball onto platforms or over an opposing player)

NFT Characters

A total of 3250 NFT characters were offered for sale in 8 categories. Some of these characters can surprise the other side by creating effects during the game. Duel Network's Marketplace is required to purchase these characters.


Users can strengthen their character thanks to the rewards distributed by the Duel Network. In this way, they can gain an advantage over the other side. Empowered characters will be more valuable in the Marketplace.

+1 -> +2 (100% success rate) 10 DUEL

+2 -> +3 (90% success rate) 10 DUEL

+3 -> +4 (75% success rate) 10 DUEL

+4 -> +5 (50% success rate) 10 DUEL

+5 -> +6 (40% success rate) 10 DUEL

+6 -> +7 (30% success rate) 10 DUEL

+7 -> +8 (20% success rate) 10 DUEL

+8 -> +9 (10% success rate) 10 DUEL

+9 -> +10 (5% success rate) 10 DUEL

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