Duel Network


Competitive Farming
Duel Network has created many prediction and user trend-oriented duels since September 2021. Our holders can participate in the Duels we create in line with their own preferences in any amount they want. During the duel period, our users can invest their BNB-DUEL LP in the pool of the side they prefer in the duel. During the duel period, their LP stays in the pools and after it is concluded, the winner gets back the duel tokens and LPs they have earned during that period.
Our users, whose predictions are not realized, will never experience a loss. Thanks to Duel Network's unique duel mechanism, users will always protect their capital even if they are on the losing side in the duel they participate in. They can withdraw their deposited LP again and join the next duel.
Holders who want more detailed information about our duel mechanism with the #neverlose tag, which is a first in the world, can follow our announcements on our official twitter account and Duel Network's official telegram channels.