Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy $DUEL ?

Users can use the following exchanges to buy Duel Network:

How do I stake DUEL ?

Members can stake $DUEL for earn $DUEL on Duel Network platform, members able to evaluate their competitive farm rewards for stake

How do I join BurnDuels ?

Members can join BurnDuels via https://app.duel.network/#/swap. Members should connect wallet to join event.

How do I play Duel Soccer ?

Members can play DuelSoccer via https://play.duel.network. Members must get NFT characters and should connect wallet to play.

How do I get Duel Soccer NFT ?

Users can get NFTs from through Duel Network Marketplace. They should connect wallet to buy NFT Characters.

Where do I go if I need help?

Stay connected to our community on telegram/discord/twitter and ask for help there first before reaching out to the team directly.

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