The Marketplace is a giant release and an extensive part of the Duel Network universe. Duel Network launched its marketplace in 2022. Users can sell their NFTs in the market. In this marketplace, users can not only upload images but also sell their music and videos by uploading them as NFT. Selling music NFT has only been a new feature that Duel Network has added to this ecosystem. In addition, artists can create their collections on the market. This is a huge step for further development of the global DEX and innovative space to earn crypto via NFTs.

  • Powerful, safe, and greater Duel Network ecosystem

  • Music and Video uploads

  • Huge NFT partnerships

  • High volume and greater statistics

  • Reaching hundreds of daily users

How to Buy NFTs on the Duel Network Marketplace?

You can purchase NFTs using BNB. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy NFTs.

  • Click to “Connect Wallet” button to be able to log in to our marketplace. After you connected your Metamask or Trust wallet, you can create artwork and sell your NFTs or you can buy NFTs from the marketplace. You can also buy Duel Network NFTs if there are NFT characters on sale by clicking the Mint button from the Duel Network collection. These NFTs are used in Duel Soccer games. (

  • You can edit your profile, and see your NFTs and collections on my profile page. Click on the button with your address in the upper right corner to open the Profile Page. You can see your NFTs on the “My Profile” page.

  • If you want to sell your NFTs, please click to “Sell” button on the bottom of the NFT info and set the price, and please wait until the transaction is completed. You can see NFT info and history by clicking on the NFT image.

  • When you clicked to “Create Artwork”, you need to fill name, description, and price sections and upload an image, then click to Publish button.

  • If you want to create a collection, you need to fill out the application form below and if your application is accepted, then the “Create Collection” button which is located on the left of the “Create Artwork” button will be displayed. You can create a collection by entering a collection name and symbol.

  • Application form for the new collection:

  • When you sold NFT, the total commission rate will be 5%. If you are a creator, then you will get a 2.5% commission. If you are the only seller, you will just get the NFT price.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not try to do more than one action in a row before the transaction is completed. Please check the transaction and make sure it is completed.

Revenue from the Marketplace

Duel Network will be charging the following transaction fees in its marketplace.

  • Buying / Selling – 5% fee of the transaction sale

  • Creator Fee - 2.5% fee of the every sold NFTs

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