Duel Network
Technical Operation Diagram
Duel Network Technical Operational Diagram
🚜 Competitive Farming Duel Network aims to make high apr rates farm for its users by gamifying normal farming. And as a result of the voting, there will be no loss from the money invested. In the system where two or more pools are opened and the apr rates depend on the amount of lp deposited in the pools, the winning pool gets all the rewards.
💰 Distribution Mechanism The rewards are distributed as xDuel, which is the governance token of the Duel Network, in order to prevent the price dumping by distributing the rewards accumulated in the pool for 1 week as a result of voting. xDuel charges a penalty fee for the first 30 days of trying to duel. This rate decreases every day, being 50 percent on the 1st day and 10 percent on the 30th day. Investors can earn Duel by staking xDuel. Thus, the distribution of Duel is arranged to spread over time and its sale depends on the investor. Additionally, it reduces the circulating amount of Duel by promoting Duel staking with xDuel.
🔥 Burning Mechanism The biggest problem of minted tokens is that they have an infinite supply. Therefore, they need automatic combustion mechanisms and combustion activities. As Duel Network, we have added an auto-burn mechanism to our smart contracts with this in mind.
First, the amount of Duel penalized in each turn from xDuel to Duel is burned directly. Secondly, it is planned to burn a certain part of the duels collected from the lottery system. Thirdly, a certain part of the Duel emission will be collected in the DuelDao and incineration events will be organized for the community. 📈 Emmission Rates 75% Liquidity Providers & Staking: To reward our fellow Duelists for staking their funds and adding liquidity into the Duel Network Ecosystem, 75 percent of the supply will be distributed as incentives via the Duel Gaming Pools (yield farming pools) and the xDuel stakings. 5% Marketing & Community Endowment: In order to ensure Duel can get to as many people as possible, this allocation will be used for creating competitions such as our recent NFT Artwork Competition and other creative ideas that will drive community engagement, social media exposure, and help support content creators within the Duel Network Community. This allocation will allow us to organically grow the project, compensate designers, and community managers. 5% Team Allocation: Given Duel's mission is to continue pushing out excellent code and features for the coming decade, we will use this allocation to onboard new developers, designers, and marketers into the team and make sure everyone can be a full-time Duelist. This is distributed by the MasterDuelists rather than being minted beforehand, meaning there is no preallocation. 15% DuelDAO Treasury: This allocation of the total supply will be held by the DuelDAO which will be free to use the funds for whatever the Duel Network Community sees fit in the future. They may be burnt, distributed, or used for creative proposals that our community will be able to vote on in the future. Given the project is in its early stages and the DuelDAO isn't yet live, the funds will not be allocated yet to not make the circulating supply of DUEL appear larger than it really is
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