Duel Network IGO


As Duel Network, we took our first step to create a quality ecosystem with GameLabs on this path we set out to create a strong ecosystem. Together with the Duel Network IGO platform, we will expand and grow this ecosystem.

Duel Network IGO platform is more than a classic launchpad by nature! Due to IGO Platform, projects that have received financial and consultancy (technical, marketing, etc.) support from GameLabs will be offered for sale on Duel Network's IGO (Initial Game Offering) platform.

Thanks to the Duel Network IGO platform, the low inflationary structure of the Duel token will evolve into a completely deflationary structure. We attach great importance to our IGO platform in order to be able to add projects to the web3 world correctly and to develop the Duel Network ecosystem. Some of the projects to be sold will be sold with Duel tokens and some with stable coins. In addition, with this method, the usage area of the duel token will increase at a high rate, and the number of tokens in circulation will decrease when each project is launched.

Requirements for IGO Participating

Details coming soon..

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